We have developed several software packages that are available from GitHub/


Our Miami INsar Time-series software in PYthon (MintPy), developed by Yunjun Zhang, Heresh Fattahi and Falk Amelung is available here. Get a copy using:

git clone


Our MIAmi Phase Linking InSAR time-series software in Python (MiaplPy, developed by Sara Mirzaee, Heresh Fattahi and Falk Amelung is available here. Get a copy using:

git clone


Our InSAR time-series viewing software will be made available once completed:


We have developed in matlab a geodetic modelling software that includes a variety of standard elastic solutions and several inversion methods.  The code is available from github. It can be downloaded using:

git clone 

However, we don't use this software much. We use the GBIS software developped by our previous graduate student Marco Bagnardi after he left Miami.

An older version of the code can be downloaded here. This version has been developped under Mac OS with matlab versions 2010b and older. For newer versions we have not yet figured out how to modify the dislocation mex file (disloc1.c) after matlab’s API change to 64bit. Please let us know if you have a solution.

On Linux, this does not seem to be an issue but you may have to do some small modifications as some functions become obsolete.

In the ListFiles.m function there are some issues with the fileparts function and the commands have to be adjusted as:

[pathstr,name,ext] = fileparts(infiles);
[j, name,ext] = fileparts(tmpcellarray2{ni});
outfiles(ni).name = fullfile(pathstr,[name ext]);

In PlotModel.m, in the griddata.m calls the “,{'QJ'}” has to be removed as this became obsolete.